Thursday, November 3, 2011

If there is a FEST, then we are there!

We attend a BUNCH of festivals, most of which are either in our city or are very close by. Two of the festivals that we almost always go to are Sugar Creek Festival (held in early July) and CornFest (held in late August). Well, the official name of the CornFest is the Sweet Corn Blues Festival, but most people just call it CornFest. Both of these are held in the downtown area of our city.

A picture of the some people walking towards some of the booths at Sugar Creek Arts Festival.

Super, Flower, and Jelly Bean cooling off in the "water feature" in the middle of downtown Normal.

Flower eating some sweet corn at CornFest.

Mr. Simple eating some BBQ Pork while the rest of us were eating ice cream inside. It was blazing hot that day. (In August? Nahhh. LOL)

Super got his hair sprayed in his favorite football team's colors. (No, not University of Illinois! The Chicago Bears!)

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