Monday, November 7, 2011

OK, this wasn't a festival, but it was cool!

During August, during one of our weekends at Bass Lake, we decided to venture to someplace that we had never been before. We pulled out a couple "Things To Do Around Here" kind of magazines and decided to go to Amish Acres.

We got there, and oh. my. I had a wonderful day. We did learn quite a bit about the history of the Amish, and ate some tasty snacks, but the best part for me was the tour of the Amish house.
Let's just say, I was ready to either move in there, or transport the house to our town, or figure out a way to re-create it here. I'm going to try to do the last one. At least as much as I can.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the day. Oh, and I didn't take any pictures inside the actual house! It was very neat too, but the lighting wasn't great in there, and I was taking all of these pictures from my phone, so most of these pictures are taken just outside of the house.

The mound is the top of the root cellar, and there are animals behind the fence, and the barn (not pictured here) is next to the fenced area. There are free range chickens too, you know, free ranging :)

There were a series of small outside buildings. This is the smokehouse.

This is the outdoor oven. They make bread and cookies outhere, as well as heat up the ingredients for the homemade soap, as well as using the ash in the soap.

The drying house. This is WAY cooler than my dehydrator.

The door into the root cellar. I would love, love, love to have a root cellar like this. You can see part of the house on the left side of the photo.

We went out to the barn and the kids played on the rope swing out there for at least a half an hour. Here is Super swinging.

And Flower. I really should put the video up that I have of Flower swinging. There is much squealing involved. She is the uh, not brave one of the family.

All three kids in the barn. Jelly Bean had injured herself the day before, and she wasn't feeling up to much on this day.

In front of some rustic farm equipment that was in the side yard.

We really had a good time! We hope to go back again sometime next summer, and hopefully take in a play too at the Round Barn Theatre! If you are ever in the area, you should check it out!

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