Friday, November 4, 2011

Next Up - The Celt Fest!

No, we aren't Irish or Scottish. (My family is Scandanavian - Dad's side is Danish, Mom's side is Swedish; Mr. Simple's dad is Italian, and his mom is Danish.)

But we were at Bass Lake over Labor Day Weekend, and heard about the festival from one of Mr. Simple's friends that lives near Bass Lake. So we went in to South Bend, IN for the Celt Fest and we had a GREAT time. Here are some pictures from our day:
The kids decorated some shields. Jelly Bean represented her Italian heritage on hers.

While Flower went with the theme of the day. Super. I'm not sure what his shield represents. Something with swords, fire, and Darth Vadar, I think. He also has a balloon sword and belt. And check out that dapper head gear he's got too!

It is a dark photo, but this was a shot of the caber toss. The kids thought this was AWESOME.

Bagpipes. In the right setting, I just love them. And this is the right setting.

The kids went on horse rides. All but Super had done some riding before, but they still really enjoyed it. Here is Jelly Bean on her ride.

Super brushing a pony. He was so entralled by the pony. Super is excited for his ride to start.

See? Flower smiled like this the whole time. Mr. Simple doing the hatchet throw. He came VERY close to hitting the target. Jelly Bean. She was fairly close too. Super. We were just glad that he got it in the direction of the target and not the crowd. :)

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