Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas - Part 3

Merry Christmas 2008! We had a lovely Christmas. We went to church with Grandma S on Christmas Eve, and then we woke up early Christmas morning.

The Christmas Tree - I took off the Advent ornaments on the 24th
and put on our "real" ornaments.

Checking out the stockings to see what Santa brought

Super kept saying that all he wanted for Christmas was a
bubble gun. Well, Santa came through!
At 4, shouldn't Super be past finding the packaging more interesting than the present?

Apparently not.

Santa also brought the girls digital cameras,
and brought Super a great tricycle.

Grandma N was in town helping take care of Aunt Lisa.
She gave Jelly Bean a Cupcake Maker, and they had so much fun making cupcakes together!

The finished product!

There were plenty of other gifts, and there was much thought and effort put into them (Mr. Simple loves his homemade pillowcases from the girls!)
Hope everyone had a wonderful day! Merry Christmas!

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