Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daybook - A Day Late Again

January 20, 2009
Outside My Window ...

A little snow, a lot cold. The sun is very bright today. It always seems like if it is that bright and sunny that it should be warm, but alas . . .

I am listening to...
music loaded onto Itunes, but through my computer. I do have an ipod, but I don't use it much anymore. I use to use it, but it just isn't fitting with this season of my life. But Mr. Simple uses it on his many trips, so it still gets plenty of use.
I am thankful for ...

that I went out into the FRIGID cold on Friday night, and went to the Women Living Wisely meeting and made hats and scarves with some of my favorite women.
From the kitchen ...
I did Once a Month cooking this month, and I have SO enjoyed it. I did mine over the first weekend instead of one day, and I did it mostly in the evenings, but it has been such a lifesaver this month. Tonight we are having some old fashioned ham and bean soup. Soup is the only thing that I've found that makes winter bearable. Oh, and Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows.
I am wearing ...
a red cardigan, white camisole, black slacks, black socks, and slippers. I'll be forever grateful that I work from home and that wearing slippers every day if I want to is an option.
I am creating ...
lots and lots of preschool activities. Another way that I'm trying to make winter tolerable is to create activities related to the winter, so I'm making all kinds of activities related to snow, snowmen, and mittens. I'm also working on crocheting another dishcloth.
***In the Schoolroom ...
Flower is working on a Presidential unit this week. The preschool kids are working on snowball activities this week. There are also many kids that are working really hard with activities from the language shelf.

Bringing beauty to my home ...
I'm still trying to purge items, and I'm working with the girls to see if they can keep their room clean for longer than 3 hours at a time.

I am reading . . .
lots to all the children. Super wants to start Peter Pan again (the Barrie version). I've read the entire thing to him three times already last year. But I'll probably agree to it.
I am hoping ...
for peace in my home, and peace outside of it.
***One of my favorite things ...
is watching Flower dive. We started swimming lessons (for all of children) yesterday. I often, in case you hadn't noticed, feel so conflicted about the amount of activities that my children are in, and the fact that especially Flower would like to be involved in different, and more activities than we can afford, and that we have time for in our lives. But Flower is a good swimmer and diver, and does enjoy doing it, and it makes me smile when I watch her dive off the diving board with such ease and skill, especially since I was never a good diver because diving scared me (but I loved swimming, and was a good swimmer.)
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
We will watch the inauguration, go to swimming lessons, and go with the girls to sell Girl Scout cookies.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

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