Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Jelly Bean turned 7 recently . . .

which I showed here, but now I have to turn into into a Simple post. We had Jelly Bean's pictures taken recently, and here are a couple of them.

Now, isn't she just SO cute!! But besides that, in this picture, she is wearing a jacket from Goodwill ($1.75), a turtleneck from TJ Maxx ($1), and hand-me-down jeans ($0). (She is not wearing socks or shoes.)

Total for her outfit $3.75

I love this outfit even more than the first. The sweater is from Goodwill ($1.75), the turtleneck is the same one from above, the skirt is from Goodwill and was not a set with the sweater AND I bought them at two different times! I couldn't believe my luck! ($1.75), the tights were a gift, and the shoes were a big splurge a few months ago (on clearance for $9).

The total for the outfit ($13.50, if you count the turtleneck again. $12.50 if you don't.)

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Stacey said...

Beautiful photos and very impressive thrifty finds! I think being a mom to more than 1 is hard-just not enough of "mom" to go around. I feel a lot of times that 2 of my 4 are neglected. Hopefully they will end up okay. I will keep praying.