Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I didn't mean to take such a long break

But we were busy with Advent activities, Jelly Bean's birthday on December 17th, helping to take care of Mr. Simple and my sister, Christmas, New Year, plans for life and school for 2009.
I'm going to work on getting some photo posts up this week, and then next week, I'll get back to daily/almost daily posts about our Simple Life. I've got lots of news on that front!

But I'll leave you with one picture to entice you to start checking back in again.

Flower dressed up on St. Lucia's Day


normal mom said...

That is so great! I did St. Lucia stuff last year, and then just couldn't get it together in 2008. My dad's side is Swedish, so I'm looking forward to working with A. to help make St. Lucia traditions part of our yearly celebration. I love her "crown".

Mary said...

That looks like so much fun.