Monday, January 26, 2009

So do you think

that it is easier to be a better mom to less children because you have more time to spend with each child, less places to be, less variety to various moods and personalities?

Or is it easier to be a better mom to more children because you have more variety to various moods and personalities and so you learn more about how to deal with them, more help with the family because the older ones can help with the younger ones, and just having more mothering experiences?

I think I've decided that having 3 children is the hardest amount. LOL Too many to be able to spend lots of time with all of them, and relatively busy with their activities, and each child is very different than the other, but there isn't really enough of them/wide enough spread to help me, and three children doesn't give me a TON of mothering experiences.

But three is what I have given - and I'm going to try to teach them the best that I can, and try and be the best mother I can be too.


Mary said...

Way to go! I am always telling me people about my deals, but I get the feeling they don't care very much. I care!!!

Mary said...

Oh, that comment was for the other post, obviously. I often think I could be a better mom with two kids, but I am sure that I would have even more regrets than I do now.