Saturday, March 27, 2010

Food Storage Series: The Beginning

I'm going to post something about Food Storage for the next several Saturdays. I'm taking the information from a little book that my Mom sent me a few years ago. It was with my grandmother's things, and she wasn't going to need it when she moved to the assisted living place, and my mom thought that it was something that I would find useful.

I'll say, I was a little underwhelmed when I received it. In fact, I am fairly certain that I rolled my eyes when I saw the little book (it is about 3" x 5" and about 20 pages long, held together with a binder ring in the top left corner. The cover is Pinkish Orange - shudder - and has a vague title of Food Storage Recipes) thinking something along the lines of "What is my mom sending me now?"

But then I looked at the first couple of pages and realized that this is book is AWESOME. It is just the kind of book that I had been looking for - a book that contains a little information about the item (such as wheat), conversion information, and some basic recipes. It contains information about the items required in Basic Food Storage items (water, wheat, flour, rice, rolled oats, macaroni, beans, sugar, and dry milk as well as some information on creating a sourdough starter and sprouting.)

So starting next Saturday, I'll do a post about something from the Little Food Storage Book - starting with Wheat.

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