Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Having a clean home is important. A well-organized home makes it so that it is easier to find things and it is a more soothing environment for your family.

But having a clean home shouldn't be our MAIN goal. If we spend too much time cleaning and organizing, then we are sacrificing time that we could be spending with our time with our families, developing talents, or helping others.

I wouldn't say that I'm someone that spends LOTS of time on cleaning. (I know a couple readers who definitely have me beat in that department!) But one thing that I tend to do is that I don't clean as well as I could during the day and then I have a bunch of stuff to do before bed or I also have a tendency to let the house go over the weekends, and then I have to stay up really late on Sunday night/Monday morning to get the house ready for the coming week. And that is NOT a joyful way to start my week, especially since I wake up at 5:45 am during the week.

If I cleaned on a more regular schedule, it would help. If I enlisted my children more in housecleaning, it would help. If I did smaller chunks of housecleaning more often, it would help. And if I did those things, then I could help others more. Oh, and probably be less grumpy in the morning. Well, maybe. It's a theory anyway . . .

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