Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pinewood Derby - and no, Super isn't old enough for Cub Scouts yet!

The church girls youth group decided to have a Pinewood Derby a couple months after the Cub Scouts had their Pinewood Derby. Taking pictures and watching was about my only involvement in the project - which was just fine with the girls. Mr. Simple helped the girls, and both cars turned out great! Jelly Bean made hers look like a Hershey's bar, and Flower's car was a Crocodile Rocker.

Jelly Bean's is the on the far right
(click the picture to get a closer look)

Flower's is the green car - it had googly eyes
and teeth on the front.
Flower's car went on to place 2nd
in this heat.

Flower placed 5th overall and Jelly Bean took 7th.
Both girls had LOADS of fun and hope that they
make this an annual event!


Amanda said...

Hi! I just randomly found your site...The race looks like it was so much fun! Im sure the kids had a blast making their cars!

Hope youre having a great week!

AndieF said...

Welcome Amanda! It was a fun race. I hope you stick around - I talk about all sorts of random stuff, mostly about provident living, but my family and other random stuff shows up here too!