Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Twist on a Valentine's Dance

Well, I already posted about how the children got us gifts for Valentine's Day. In addition to that, our church was also sponsoring a dance that weekend - however, it wasn't for sweethearts. It was a Daddy-Daughter Sock Hop. The girls were thrilled. They decided to go with cardigans, and then Flower went a skirt, and Jelly Bean went with jeans. I was surprised at the amount of girls that went with poodle skirts. Mr. Simple took them to dinner first (at the Olive Garden!) and then they hopped the night away.

I think that this is the Hokey Pokey

Jelly Bean Dancing

A shot showing a bunch of the skirts

Flower dancing

Jelly Bean taking a break

Super's girlfriend doing the limbo
(although I hear that she might be his
ex-girlfriend. Ah, young love . . .)
Flower doing the limbo

Jelly Bean doing the limbo

Even Mr. Simple got in on the action
(Sorry the picture is a little blurry!)

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normal mom said...

What?? They broke up? Fickle five year olds...