Friday, March 19, 2010

I get a gold star . . .

O.K., after all my complaining in my last post, I decided to just stop whining and get all the organizing done in one weekend. Well, most of it anyway.

I sorted through the winter clothes and either gave them away or put them back in the fall/winter tubs for next year. I have a large storage closet in my basement - It is 12 feet deep x 8 feet high x 5 feet. I can get lots of Rubbermaid tubs in there (I store everything in Rubbermaid tubs in case it ever floods - flooding is not an uncommon thing in our area, and it makes it easy to stack things in the closet.) The problem with stacking the tubs though is sometimes you have to move 12 tubs to get to the one that you want. Oh, and the Christmas tree too - which is not in a Rubbermaid tub.

Then I decided that I needed to do something about the girls room. Their dresser was beyond repair and I needed to get something to replace it. I did glance at the "curb" selection, but I really didn't want something that was as broken as the dresser that I already had. I checked Craigslist, but all of them were at least $150 (and most were closer to $400. I mean most were real wood that obviously came from a master bedroom set so it I could kind of understand why they weren't inexpensive), and that was more than I really wanted to spend. I didn't see any at the thrift stores and the ones at Target were at least $150 for not real wood, that I'd have to put together, that I knew wouldn't hold up for very long. So what I ended up doing was buying two sets of plastic drawers. (We are not using the wheels.) Now, I'm not usually a fan of plastic, but it fit the budget, the space, and the girls really love them. So I went with it.

Then we attacked the closet. That was a job and a half. The girls room used to be a play room, and then the preschool room before it was their room. Mr. Simple had put additional wire shelving in the walk in closet for storage before it was their room. That shelving was still in there, and they had been using it to hang their clothes, but it wasn't really intended for clothes hanging, and so it was at odd heights, and they also started coming out of the wall because the girls put things that were too heavy for it, etc. So I took all the additional shelves out of the closet. I also completely overhauled their desk and bookcase and got rid of two trash bags worth of things. Then we went through the Spring tub and put everything in the dressers and closet.

Super's transition was much easier. Because he is the only one in his room and still relatively small, I am able store more in his room instead of the storage closet. I took his fall/winter clothes and gave those away, and then his spring/summer clothes were already hanging up in the back half of his closet, so I just moved them forward. I got out the tub of clothes of fall/winter clothes for the next size up and stored that in the back side of the closet. It is nice to be able to do this, because then I can just look and see how much clothing he already has and what I need to still buy before next year.

I also found some boots for Jelly Bean that will work, so I am back to only needing one pair of boots for Flower. And a rain coat/windbreaker for Flower.

Next week is Spring Break for us - so we will not be homeschooling, and I'm also not doing daycare that week. We will be relaxing and going on a daytrip or two, but I'm also going to try and do some more cleaning and organizing . . . There is always something to organize around here . . . .


Stacey said...

WOW! You got a lot done. I started on Eden's room over a week ago but didn't get done and also cleaned out Faith's closet. Jenny and I are gearing up for a garage sale. I have to clean out my kids' room when they are at school. If not, they want the stuff I want to get rid of. If they don't see it disappear they never know. I am mean like that.

AndieF said...

Oh, Stacey, I'm mean like that too. LOL Good luck on your garage sale. I'd come, but my kids are around the ages of your kids, except my kids are bigger. I'm sure that you'll do great though!