Friday, April 10, 2009

Frugal Fridays

I'm pretty frugal. Most of the time, I look at it as a fun challenge, but there also is the fact that we sort of NEED to be frugal too.

So I'll be posting a frugal tip every Friday. Until I don't, LOL, since I tend to get started on stuff like this, and then drop off after awhile. Not every frugal tip will work for every family, and that's o.k.

So the first frugal tip is: Stay At Home. We only have one car (this will probably be my next frugal tip) and so most days, I am here without a car. It is easier to not spend money if you have to walk to the store.


Craig F said...

Genius idea!

Mary said...

That is a wonderful tip -- oh, look, there's something I "need" on ebay!

AndieF said...

LOL Mary! I guess there is always a way to spend money if you want to!