Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday - Education & Employment.

OK, some of my readers may know that I have a bachelors degree in English and a masters degree in Training. And that I'm using neither degree right now. LOL

I am currently working inside of my home as a preschool & homeschool teacher/daycare provider. I've been teaching preschool for awhile, but I've only been doing daycare for a little over a year.

Recently, Mr. Simple went to a conference in Galena, IL. Mr. Simple works at the local Fire Department as a Fire Inspector/Public Safety Officer and the conference was about, uh, something about fire stuff. He went to some classes, but he also was able to sightsee and do some golfing. I said something about how I wish I could get away for a conference sometime.

And then I thought about it, well, why not? So I'm starting to look now for a conference. It might be a homeschool conference, or a preschool teacher conference, a daycare conference, or work at home conference. Or the Hearts At Home conference. I'm planning ahead so that I have the money for it, and so I'll be able to get the time off. The one held in Hawaii is the frontrunner so far LOL.

So look at your work and interests and think about going to a conference to increase your education, and help with your employment, either current or future.

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