Monday, April 13, 2009

OK, time for a little change

I am still going to post stuff about the Simple Family, and basically anything else that I feel like, LOL, but I'm going to put my focus on this blog on talking about Provident Living. Every day, I will post about one of the areas of Provident Living. So from now on, here is the schedule:

Mondays - Health
Tuesday - Education
Wednesday - Home Storage
Thursday - Social and Emotional Strength
Fridays - Resource Management (but Titled Frugal Fridays)
Saturday - Employment
Sunday- Humanitarian Aid

Like I said, I will also throw in posts about whatever I feel like too, and post them whenever I feel like it. Just to keep you on your toes.


normal mom said...

Can't wait! It will be just the Dr. Phil I need in my life to help me get off my butt and be better. You really are an inspiration to me!

AFarCryFromNormal said...

Ooo I like your "schedule"! I always feel like my posts are so here and there. I will watch you and learn! LOL I think right now my general theme is: Health/Fitness and Frugal Living. I think I may add some things to inspire me educationally as well as Home Organization. Those are the things that are top on my mind right now. Time and season I guess. I am sure that I will go off on something else too here and there. Oh yeah, I think I may add a gardening tip here and there during the growing season.

I will just have to read yours about Humanitarian and Employment.

See you really ARE an inspiration!