Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday - Health

OK, I didn't do that well on my exercise last week. (BIG shock, LOL) I did do better than the week before though. I exercise two days last week, and I have exercised yesterday and today. (I'm on a roll!)

What I wanted to talk about this week was Fitness. We had our monthly Women Living Wisely meeting and the topic was about Fitness (physical activity and healthy food). The presentation was really good and I learned many things, but the one thing that I took away from the evening was that the important thing about Fitness (and most things really) was that you need to find things that you will do on a consistent basis. The other thing that I keep thinking about was how I need to make a lifestyle change. I don't just need to look at this as something that I'm going to do for a week or a month or a year or even 5 years.

So I'm going to start a fitness journal (just a cheap spiral notebook). I'm going to record my short term and long term goals, my food intake and my exercise, my weight and measurements, and benefits that I'm noticing.

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