Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Do It . . . . . Slowly

O.K., another confession. (First she tells us about her fridge cleaning habits, now what?????)

I am GREAT at planning. I'm GREAT at researching. I'm GREAT at reading about things. I'm GREAT at setting up systems.


I'm NOT GREAT at doing things.

I tell myself it is because I don't have enough time. I tell myself it is because I don't have enough space. I tell myself it is because I don't have enough money.

And very little gets done.

Well, not nothing. Just nothing new. I get up, take care of the baby I watch, teach preschool, fix lunch, take care of the daycare children, fix dinner, do dishes/laundry/sweep/vacuum/clean, etc., get the kids ready for bed, and go to bed. I grocery shop occassionally.

I am busy. I am. But I use it as an excuse to not use my free time wisely. I feel like I am entitled to use my free time to blog/check other blogs and message boards/research about provident living, homeschooling, preschool stuff. I use it as an excuse to be complacent. To not get off my big ol' behind and exercise. Or to clean out the storage closet so I can use it for food storage. Or to get rid of all the clutter that I don't need. Or to make preschool materials. Or whatever.

I've decided that I've got to just DO it. Stop the excuses and just do it.

But not everything at once either. Baby steps.

But no more just standing in the same spot.


AFarCryFromNormal said...

Time and season! Baby steps are great! Hey at least you have taken the first step and admitted your problem! LOL I think many of us suffer from this same thing. I think I suffer from ADD and want to do many things too. Make a couple of "goals" at first. You can research and do all you want but try and implement just 1 thing at a time. Here I am trying to tell you what to do, when I suffer from the same thing. Maybe it is hereditary! LOL

Mary said...

Your blog ideas are really wonderful -- and a sign that you are certainly not stagnant, but always thinking, progressing, and moving forward!

AndieF said...

Thanks, Mary. I appreciate it. But I probably should do a little less thinking, and a little more doing. If only the doing was as easy as the thinking! LOL